- Document Parsing -
Optimize your workflow with cutting-edge document parsing technology driven by AI.
Automate document handling and data extraction to reduce manual workload and improve accuracy.
- Chatbot (Conversational AI) -
Enhance engagement with our advanced chatbot, powered by conversational AI.
Engage students and staff with real-time, intelligent conversational agents that provide instant support and guidance.
- Knowledge Base -
Unlock insights and streamline information retrieval using our knowledge base empowered by AI.
Centralize and streamline access to essential information, making it easy for staff and students to find the answers they need.
- Matching System -
Precision & efficiency in pairing processes through our matching system enhanced by AI algorithms.
Use sophisticated algorithms to match students with schools, jobs, or employers that best fit their skills and preferences.
- AI Agents -
Drive automation and productivity with our AI agents tailored to your specific needs.
Deploy intelligent agents that autonomously handle routine tasks, allowing staff to focus on more strategic activities.

Drive Transformative Change

With enhanced automation capabilities, optimize, align and execute your institutional operations and minimize duplication of efforts.

Aid in Institutional Success

Actionable insights combined with technology have accelerated strategic decision-making opportunities for institutes.

Optimize Resource Potential

Hire the best skilled resources for all your staffing needs and gain competitive advantage by streamlining processes and achieving efficiency in your budget.

We’ve Got You Covered

IT Consulting

We offer Process Automation, BI Analytics / Reporting, Student Information System Support, Cybersecurity Policies as a Service to ensure that processes are in place.

IT Staffing

For all industries, across corporates, we are known to help the recruiters find best talent and fill critical gaps to enable project success, develop sound business and systems processes, maximize your systems ROI.

IT Career Coaching

HiEd Ambassador Program is aimed at transforming lives of graduates, women (re)entering the workforce or professionals looking to make a switch to IT Consulting. Together, we learn and grow. 

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Technology Partners

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Over 20+ years of experience in designing and implementing solutions for business process improvements within HigherEd domain. Proud recipient in becoming first Indian woman to receive the “Educator of the Year” award by the SC Technical college system and the company prestigious “Most Valued Professional” award” and several employee recognition awards.



In her 19+ years of experience in Technology, Rashmi has held leading roles in Consulting, Management and Entrepreneurship. Rashmi has played a key role in several 1M-150M+ Digital Transformation projects. She is especially known for leading revolutionary Global initiatives. Her accomplishments span from building complex systems and Global teams from the ground up to thought leadership and strategic advisory.


Strategic Advisory for HiEd Ambassador Program

Over 40+ years of experience in handling operations and services in the Embassy of 6+ countries. A Retired Indian Diplomat currently leading HiEd Ambassador program. A key note speaker, have received distinguished highest Toastmasters award (DTM). Well-versed in handling operations from small to big organizations.

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