Process Automation

At HiEd Success, our endeavor is to provide solutions that exceed your business goals and customer needs with a high degree of quality and satisfaction. Our top priority is to create ease of use for individual offices and office staff using our state of the art processes for automation and report writing functions. Institutions around the world tend to struggle with process automation, incorrect or data inaccuracy, business process documentation, report writing, and data presentation. Let us help you find ways to succeed both at the individual office and institutional level.

How do we address your institution's challenges ?

HiEd Success can help institutions address key strategic challenges and can help improve performance through our innovative higher education solutions. 


    • Enhance Student Outcomes     
    • Gain Competitive Advantage
    • Real-Time Data
    • Improve Student Retention
    • Gain Enrollment Numbers
    • Clean-Up Inaccurate Data
    • Provide Accurate Information
    • Enhance Reporting Structure
    • Build and Maintain Successful Relationships with Faculty and Staff

Business Process Automation (Banner Workflow)

HiEd Success delivers an overall experience for all of your office needs. Most institutions rely on their staff to train, maintain data, and process reports. However, institutions find that there is often a human error, miscommunication, or incomplete, inaccurate, or dirty data. We understand that this can be frustrating and is not unique to an individual institution. This is why we have developed a way to assist with your Business Process Automation needs in a way that is accurate, quick, and easy.

    • Banner Workflow is an extension of a product you already have 
    • It is quick and easy to develop 
    • HiEd Success can work with your team members to develop the areas that are in desperate need of workflow functionality
    • HiEd can work with your team members to clean-up your data 
    • Create your business process documentation to enable a fluid translation to Banner Workflow

Survey Process Automation (Qualtrics)

Qualtrics is a data processing platform that can be designed to fit your needs. This platform gives the user the ability to receive real-time data and deploy the outcomes to the entity that best fits the description of the need. This means that the answers to your institutional problems are at your fingertips which enables resources to spend more of their time fixing and also provides for less spending. HiEd Success is a Qualtrics Associate Partner and will assist your institution in engaging the platform for your everyday needs.


    • Qualtrics is an add-on data processing tool
    • User friendly
    • Enables time and money management
    • Create real-time data processing that is accurate and fast

Analytics Process Automation (Alteryx)

Alteryx gives your institution the ability to easily share data between departments, automate processes, and transform your data. Institutions rely heavily on their staff to pull data, create reports, and present their findings. Without the correct technology, the amount of time, effort, and the margin for error are astronomical. With Alteryx, you will be able to give your staff and institution the gift of time, energy, and accuracy while allowing their technological skills to grow. HiEd Success is a proud partner of Alteryx and will assist your institution in growing your Analytics Process Automation needs.


    • Allows for simplification in processing data and analytics
    • Automates business processes
    • User friendly
    • Enables time and money management
    • Upskills employees in technological advancement  

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