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KPI Dashboards

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Report Development

We offer HiEd Student Information System Support, BI Analytics / Reporting, Process Automation, Cybersecurity Policies as a Service, Cloud Migration services

Predictive Analysis

We serve Higher-Ed Institutions and IT Corporates with our experienced and well-trained consultants to fill the critical gaps to enable project success, develop sound business and systems processes, maximize your systems ROI

Transforming Data into Future Insights

Predictive Analytics is the use of statistical techniques to analyze historical data to identify risks and opportunities and the likelihood of future outcomes. Its goal is to provide the best assessment of what will happen in the future. Educational institutes are increasingly relying on Predictive Analytics to help them take reliable and data-informed decisions for almost every aspect of campus activities and operations. However, less than 50% of colleges are currently using Predictive Analytics, which points to a largely untapped market and scope for innovative and impactful products. Predictive Analytics can be used for almost every stage of a student’s academic career.

KPI Dashboards

Universities collects, stores and manages datasets regarding academic performance, financial aids, expenses, student diversity and ethnicity, academic departments and other important information. But to manage this vast amount of data and these variables, they deploy business intelligence tools to drill-down capabilities and allow users to identify the key pain areas.
With HiEd’s interactive and intuitive KPI Dashboards, aggregate and group data to see a powerful and robust visualization and reporting helping you to take faster and better decisions. We help you develop and deploy dashboards to gain deeper insights.

Report Development

We can help you build a suite of reports that will enable an iterative process of measurement and improvement on KPI’s across multiple organizational functions. We have extensive experience in reporting across all of the most popular business intelligence solutions used in higher education.


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Crystal Report



Predictive Analysis

The demanding choices that must be made to balance the Higher Ed institutions budgets are increasing on almost monthly basis. Inaccurate projections for enrollment/ tuition income/ budgeting can be problematic and can contribute to Institution financial instability.  Our Dynamic Projection Model Dashboard lets YOU prioritize the Institution critical factors. It can assist in predicting and refining Enrollment, Gross Revenue, Institutional Aid and Net Revenue based on data parameters like:
    • Actual and Goal Enrollment
    • Retention Rates
    • Student Status
    • Revenue Factor
    • Tuition Fees
    • Discount Factor
    • % Change in Goal Values

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